I was introduced to a Credit Card processing company named GETTRX by a friend. I contacted them and asked about the service called GETTRX Zero my friend is using. They told me The only cost to me would be $29.00 per month, My friend raved about how much he was saving I signed up immediately.
I filled out the application and to my surprise the same day I had a tracking number, two days later a new terminal arrived. After a call with their customer service that lasted less than 15 minutes, I was all set to take credit cards.
I understand now what my friend was raving about. I always knew the cost of taking Credit Cards was expensive, now I realize just how expensive the really were. My monthly card volume averages out at $80,000 a month. I’m now saving around $2500.00 per month. That’s $30,000.00 a year in my pocket!

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I own several small to medium businesses all of them rely on taking Credit Cards. When the Pandemic hit, and the lock down started it was a real strain on my businesses. I had to cut every aspect of the business operations. I contacted my processor Global Electronic Technology (GETTRX) and asked if they could anything for me. I decided to just close two of my locations and GETTRX suspended the merchant accounts with no cost to me and said whenever I needed to reactivate just let them know and they would turn on the account again. This was a big help.

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I eliminated 100% of my processing fees. GETTRX Zero helped me save thousands of dollars each year. I no longer have to pay a percentage on each transaction. The GETTRX team made the switch to help me keep the majority of costs in my pocket. Everything is always transparent, and easy to use.
Thank you for always treating me like family.

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