Accept Payments Anywhere

GETTRX offers convenient payment solutions for businesses. GET better rates and better payment options.
  • Terminals
  • Mobile Readers
  • In-Person, Over the Phone, or On-the-Go

Virtual Terminals

Send Invoices and Take Payments With Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer

In-Person Payments

Sell In-Store and On-the-Go

Online Payments

Take Card Payments on Your Platform Within Minutes
Fraud Protection
24/7 fraud detection and easy-to-use Fraud Management Services make protecting your company easier and reduce your risks for loss from theft.
Secure SDKs & APIs
Experience effortless payment integration with our secure and developer-friendly suite of tools. JavaScript SDK, versatile payment APIs, and robust webhook support make payment integration into your applications easy and efficient!
Automated Billing
Increase your revenue with automated billing options that include recurring, installment, and subscription contracts.
Out-of-the-Box Compliance
GETTRX is a Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant merchant services provider, which means we consistently check and manage vulnerabilities for our merchant accounts while upholding current compliance mandates and security protocols.
Secure Payment Processing
Payment information is never stored or processed on your server with Token Manager. Eliminate the risks from a security breach by automatically eliminating the data.
Chargeback Assistance
Our team handles chargeback disputes by working with the issuing bank and you to gather all supporting documentation and defend your sale profits.
Tokenization enhances security and reduces the risk of data breaches by replacing sensitive information with unique, non-sensitive tokens to safeguard your valuable data assets.
Merchant Dashboard
Customer, product, and services management and payment dashboard with reporting and analytics.
Easy On-the-Go Payments
We have a Mobile Card Reader perfect for lower volume merchants using smartphones or tablets and Handheld Wireless Terminals ideal for high-volume merchants on the move, in the field, or at the office.
ACH Payments
The cost-effective alternative for high-value and high volume payments. Customers’ bank accounts are instantly validated with our Nacha compliant ACH Account Validation service, making payment collections easy.
Cash Discount Program
Stop dealing with unpredictable monthly credit card fees and start gaining huge savings with our GETTRX Zero Cash Discount Program. See how much your business can save when you switch!
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Accept All Payment Types
Swipe, dip, and tap your way to payment success by accepting all of your customers’ preferred in-store payment methods.
Payment Gateways
Full-service payment gateway services for all types of businesses and all risk profiles.  [EdgePay, NMI, logos]
Sell Online
GETTRX empowers merchants to accept online payments, whether you have an online shop, a full eCommerce platform, or social media followers you want to convert into paying customers.
Terminals/ POS
GETTRX helps you find the terminal that meets your needs. Ask how you can get your FREE terminal! Options include:

  • In-person countertop terminals that accept all card payments
  • On-the-go wireless terminals and mobile card readers
  • Over-the-phone virtual terminals
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    Recurring Payment Manager
    Our Recurring Payment Manager enhances data security within your business AND boost revenue through easy-to-use card-on-file and account updater features.
    Free all-in-one EdgePay Invoicing Platform: Create professional invoices with no coding and send via email, SMS, or link so your customers can make quick, easy, and secure payments.
    Shopping Cart Plugins
    Our gateway supports plugins like accounting software (Quickbooks desktop plugin Pro and Enterprise) and shopping cart plugins (WooCommerce, Magento).
    Fast Approval
    Fast approval takes the pain out of setting up or switching platforms. Start taking payments sooner!
    In-House, 24/7 Customer Service
    We are available to answer your questions, anytime, to ensure you get paid on time.
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    Convert your contacts to cash! When you refer a merchant to us, we’re going to pay you a percentage of EACH of their transactions, EVERY month, for the LIFETIME of the account.
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