I was introduced to a Credit Card processing company named GETTRX by a friend. I contacted them and asked about the service called GETTRX Zero my friend is using. They told me The only cost to me would be $29.00 per month, My friend raved about how much he was saving I signed up immediately.
I filled out the application and to my surprise the same day I had a tracking number, two days later a new terminal arrived. After a call with their customer service that lasted less than 15 minutes, I was all set to take credit cards.
I understand now what my friend was raving about. I always knew the cost of taking Credit Cards was expensive, now I realize just how expensive the really were. My monthly card volume averages out at $80,000 a month. I’m now saving around $2500.00 per month. That’s $30,000.00 a year in my pocket!