by Alex Gaskin
April 4, 2024

If you’re an NHRA fan, you’ve seen the GETTRX™ logo on Matt Hartford’s pro stock car and Hector Arana, Jr.’s pro stock motorcycle. Most fans remember seeing our old name, Global Electronic Technology™, on a number of cars over the years, just like they’ve seen us take home quite a few Wally trophies in our time sponsoring teams.

What you might not know is that we’re not just a sponsor—we’re also the Official Credit Card Processor of NHRA and a smart payment solution for businesses, especially the automotive industry.

From our time as Global Electronic Technology™ to our work under the GETTRX™ name, we’ve been all about success on the tracks and in payment processing. Both depend on the right technology and a commitment to building strong partnerships:

  • In racing, we build partnerships with our sponsored drivers and make sure they have everything they need to win. 
  • In payment processing, we combine better technology with decades of experience in our industry to give merchants everything they need to save money and keep their customers happy.

Becoming the Fastest Name in Credit Card Processing 

GETTRX™ has been a sponsor for NHRA drivers since 2017. Before establishing our current partnerships with Matt Hartford and Hector Arana, Jr., we supported many different drivers, with our brand appearing in the Top Fuel and Funny Car divisions. It was a great opportunity to build brand awareness, connect with racing fans, and be a part of many exciting wins.

GETTRX™ Team Wins


  • Funny Car Champion – Indianapolis, IN


  • 2X Funny Car Champion – Las Vegas, NV
  • Funny Car Champion – Houston, TX
  • Funny Car Champion – Pomona, CA
  • Top Fuel Champion – Pomona, CA 
  • Top Fuel Champion – Gainesville, Florida


  • Funny Car Champion – Charlotte, NC
  • Top Fuel Champion – Pomona, CA


  • Top Fuel Champions – Las Vegas, NV


  • Pro Stock Motorcycle Champion – Las Vegas, NV


  • Pro Stock Champion – Indianapolis, IN NHRA US Nationals Win 
  • Pro Stock Motorcycle Champion – Norwalk, OH
  • Pro Stock Motorcycle Champion – Las Vegas, NV 
  • Pro Stock Champion – Norwalk, OH 
  • Pro Stock Champion – Reading, PA


GETTRX™ has built a reputation for helping drivers achieve victory on the tracks just like we’ve built a reputation for being a winning payments partner for our merchants. Just like different racing classes have different challenges, businesses have different payment needs based on size, industry, and how their customers prefer to pay. 

The right payment processor has solutions for these different needs while also thinking about what every business wants from their processor—lower costs and unbroken operations.

Official Credit Card Processor of NHRA 

Starting in 2024, our company took on a new role for the racing world: We’re now known as the Official Credit Card Processor of NHRA, handling all the payment needs for the organization. In this role, we provide everything they need to handle transactions with fans as well as the B2B payments that they require.

In addition to providing payment capabilities, we also provide NHRA and all of our other merchants with comprehensive reporting and analytics solutions. Our newest GETTRX One™ platform includes a dashboard that lets merchants, payment provider ISOs and agents, and software platforms do different review types from the same source. 

For anyone using our services to provide payments, portfolio views and individual merchant activities alike can all be checked from the same place. Our dashboard can also look at the progress of prospective merchants, create custom pricing templates, and interact with the underwriter tasked with reviewing a merchant’s application.

Partnering With Merchants for Great Payment Solutions

We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve built in racing. Between past successes, our ongoing support of Matt Hartford and Hector Arana, Jr, and our role as Official Credit Card Processor of NHRA, we’ve proven that GETTRX™ is a company ready to deliver outstanding support.

The automotive industry is one of many verticals that rely on our technology and insights into optimal credit card payment solutions. Knowing the ins and outs of your field, and what challenges you face when it comes to card payments and other modern transactions, helps us build personalized solutions and find ways to save merchants money on payment processing! 

Our reputation was built on great solutions for merchants in all verticals, including those in the automotive industry that need better ways to take payments. During a free cost comparison, we can help you look for ways to save while also helping you explore more smart ways to start accepting payments.

Merchants who meet with us can look forward to help with the following:

  • Identifying hidden fees and hidden charges from your current processor
  • Providing smarter ways to take credit card and debit card payments
  • Supporting your need to take payments in multiple locations
  • Resources for taking virtual payments and providing mobile payment options
  • Invoicing solutions that work for you and your customers
  • Lowering monthly fees and providing better rates for your business
  • And more!

Our experience in the automotive industry has prepared us to help everyone from tow truck operators who want better options for taking payments remotely to multi-location auto dealerships with more complex transaction needs. GETTRX™ can draw from experience in the payments industry to make sure you have all the capabilities you need to do great business alongside more attractive terms that help you save money!

A Payments Partner for ISOs and Software Platforms

There’s more to what GETTRX™ offers than just in-store and online options for accepting payments. From our time as Global Electronic Technology through today, we find great solutions for businesses of all kinds searching for ways to give customers their preferred payment options while also saving money.

For agents and ISOs looking for processing solutions that satisfy the needs of their clients, we make our platform available to white-label. We have solutions for in-store and online processing, software payment capabilities, and online donation offerings that can be offered under the agent’s brand. 

We also have options for ISVs and SaaS companies interested in taking payments through their software. We have effective PayFac solutions that make it easy to establish payment solutions that make you more attractive to potential customers while also monetizing your transactions and earning more from everyone using your software.

Everything we offer is backed by 30+ years of industry knowledge and protection for your business. In addition to great solutions, we offer immediate PCI compliance, comprehensive risk and fraud support, and 24/7 support from real people!  

Learn How Our Payment Solutions Can Help You 

By starting the conversation about your payment needs with GETTRX™, you can discover great ways to save money while also securing better technology and payment solutions that your customers appreciate!

A free cost comparison will help you see what we offer as an alternative to your current payment provider. Learning how we can save you money while doing more for you is an important first step in making a change that benefits your business. To find out more, call us at 888.775.1500 or email


What does GETTRX™ do for the NHRA?

  • As the Official Credit Card Processor of NHRA, GETTRX™ provides everything that the racing organization needs to take payments. That includes direct transactions with consumers and B2B transactions. We also provide comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that help them stay on top of their business activities.

How long has GETTRX™ been involved in the racing world?

  • We started our sponsorship of NHRA drivers in 2017, and we officially began handling payments for NHRA at the beginning of 2024. With that said, we have more than 30 years of experience as a payment processor for all industries, including businesses in the automotive world.

What kinds of services can GETTRX™ provide?

  • Our payment processing solutions support everything from single-storefront merchant operations to major software platforms. We provide in-store and online transactions, recurring payments, software payment integration, and online donation capabilities. 

How can GETTRX™ help my business?

  • Starting with your free cost comparison, we can work with you to find ways to save you money as your new payment processor. We can also build on our 30+ years of experience and our proprietary technology to make sure you deliver for your customers and stay current with changes in how payments are made! 

Learn What GETTRX™ Can Do For Your Business!

GETTRX™ is proud to be the Official Credit Card Processor of NHRA and the sponsor of drivers Matt Hartford and Hector Arana, Jr., and we have great solutions for businesses in and out of the automotive industry. All of our payment solutions are backed by 30+ years of experience and fully proprietary technology, so you can count on smart, reliable solutions that keep your customers happy and save you money. To find out more about what we can do for your business, call GETTRX™ today at 888.775.1500 or email